Neurodiversity and Little Silver

For individuals, couples and guests that have PTSD, Tourettes, Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD or some other neurodiversity we offer a sympathetic approach to organising a ceremony at Little Silver House, supporting a wide variety of options to give couples the wedding they dreamed about but not thought possible. We recognise that you - or one or more of your guests - may interact with the world in different ways and that this can provide challenges at any ceremony or gathering.

Perhaps individuals are anxious about being observed, of uttering the wrong words, of being overwhelmed by sights, sounds and the occasion. We have experience and expert guidance to draw upon and want to tell you that you absolutely have our permission to have a ceremony designed and conducted with compassion and care to meet your needs; we want to ensure it is completely a success.

Our approach is one of precision – we need to make sure that every element is assessed and planned with the couple, from ceremony location with how that suits the needs of the wedding couple and/or guests, to colours, smells, sounds and any other sensory inputs. We check that the speeches, rituals, and vows are as particular and suited to the attendees as required and that any concerns are identified and addressed as thoroughly as possible, well in advance, so that the ceremony proceeds in a smooth and enjoyable way for all.

As Little Silver is so open, calm, fresh and quiet, and sized for petite weddings rather than large gatherings, it is the ideal location at which you can host a ceremony for anyone with any kind of neurodiversity. We have seven licensed locations on the grounds from which the aspect, openness, colours and smells may very well suit your ceremony and, even if we hold a ceremony inside, the Atrium of Little Silver Nugget is tall, painted with muted colours, and can even be damped with sound absorbing panels if required.

Whilst we are a wedding venue licensed by Devon CC for civil weddings, and whilst the registrars are all very competent, personable and professional, the format and ritual of a civil ceremony is regulated by law and may not entirely suit your needs. In this case, we recommend you consider a ceremony officiated by a trained celebrant, who has the flexibility to conduct that ceremony to precisely meet your needs.

You may not be aware how much richer and more personal and unique a celebrant-led ceremony can be compared to one officiated by a council registrar, and how much more flexible the celebrant can be to prepare and conduct a ceremony with neurodiversity in mind. Before or after such a ceremony, you must record the marriage at a very simple ceremony at a registry office. We partner with celebrants whose experience with neurodiversity is enlightening; you may never have thought it possible to have an actual wedding, but it can be done!

Please do get in touch to discuss your needs and we will be very happy to help you craft your ideal ceremony.